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The Avoiding Same Face Tutorial!

I found the main reason I use to Same Face really bad, was because I was so terrified of making a person who was not perfect. Anime same faces a lot, comics even tend to same face, and in movies, we tend to get only a few varying types of “Pretty People” that we’re suppose to aspire to. So it’s really terrifying to take a step out of one’s comfort zone and draw those things that the people surrounding us tells us aren’t pretty.

In real life, people are so varying and unique. I found the more I started drawing the things that I was afraid to draw before for fear of ugliness, the less and less I found those things ugly, and the more I just found everyone beautiful.

Of course, not everybody is going to agree with me here. But if you want to stop Same Facing, you should push the boundary of what’s beautiful.

Because really, it’s the differences in us that make us all gorgeous.

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